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Personal Package


  • 50 .edu Backlinks
  • REAL Verified Backlinks
  • Permamnent Links
  • 3 Keywords
  • Deliver within 3 – 5 Buisness Days

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Business Package


  • 100 .edu Backlinks
  • REAL Verified Backlinks
  • Permamnent Links
  • 3 Keywords
  • Deliver within 5 – 7 Buisness Days

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Linkwheel Package


  • 500 .edu Linkwheel Backlinks
  • REAL Verified Backlinks
  • Permamnent Links
  • 3 Keywords
  • Deliver within 7 – 10 Buisness Days

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What Are .EDU Backlinks?

EDU websites have a huge trust from search engines like Google and by obtaining .EDU backlinks to your website, it will help you rank better locally than your competitors in major search engines.

With our .EDU and .GOV backlinks service we will get you listed on blogs, forums, web 2.0 sites, and profile pages on .EDU domains as well as .GOV URLs. The high quality authority backlinks will have your anchor text and a link back to whatever URL you wish. As a result Google will rank your site higher in the SERP (search engines results pages). For more info please contact an SEO expert today!

What Are .EDU Linkwheel Backlinks?

A link wheel is a method used by tons of  SEO Marketing professionals to raise their rankings in the SERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages). It is a circle of interlinked High Ranking Web 2.0 sites which are linked to each other to increase their authority and power. Then, on each Web 2.0 site, we link to your money website – that equals TONS of link juice for you!

How Do You Get On Page #1 of Google?

We can give you a 5 Star .EDU Backlinks Campaign just like the Fortune 500 companies have. How do big companies like Amazon, eBay and The New York Times rank high and fast? We will get you the same results! We have access to one of the most advanced SEO and Authority Backlinks Networks out there on the internet today and can truly generate top results for your product or service. Looking for SEO Services in Western Canada or the United States? Contact an SEO expert right now at

Where are Our Backlink Networks Based?

We have a team of professionals based in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia to help us give you amazing results in a short period of time! Our SEO backlinks networks are comprised of .EDU and .GOV as well as high PA DA 50+ websites that are considered Authority sites.

Google places a higher value on these sites and if your website link is on one of these sites, you automatically get indexed higher in Google. This is our job, to get your listed on these authority sites.

How To Submit Deep Links

Backlinks need to be submitted to a Top Ranking Website Directory online so that search engines will find the URL’s and rank these pages higher in authority. You should also submit your URL to a deep links directory to get a boost in major search engines including Google.

Need help getting ranking high in the search engines? Then you have come to the right place. We can help put together an SEO campaign for your keywords and market to rank you higher than your competitors in your local area. We have proven track results and have worked with carpet companies, photography studios, car dealerships, and even real estate companies to rank high in the search engines in their respective markets.

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Full SEO Reports!

Once the SEO backlinks job has been completed we provide full reports for all our clients usually within 14 days after the job has started.

Note: When placing your order, please verify the information in your Paypal order confirmation, and include order details such as name, email, URL to promote, keywords and any special instructions you wish to submit.

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